Rethinking creates change

The aim of our dedicated involvement in the Salon Real is basically to constantly expand our professional, social and personal horizons. One of the ways we achieve this is through our strong national network, which is augmented by contact with international sector associations and partner networks and thus also ensures cross-border collaboration.

As an initiative and career network of and for women, the Salon Real also pursues the essential aim of strengthening the status of women in the real estate industry, making potentials visible and increasing the proportion of female decision-makers throughout the sector. In order to realise this objective, it is vital to create a broad awareness of this issue. We achieve this through an integral collaboration of all disciplines, as:

Our positioning as a recognised network in the real estate sector enables us to promulgate interests in a highly publicised way and to have a greater impact together.

Our self-concept

We want to make a bigger difference, and thus our association not only serves to expand and foster our network and important real estate-relevant issues, but also focuses on essential core issues such as equal opportunity, career advancement and personal development – aspects to which we attach great importance not just in the real estate sector, and which we promote through our constructive and innovative collaboration.

United we are strong

Our strength lies in the fact that we draw on very diverse fields of knowledge from the conglomerate and are able to gain insight into processes in a wide variety of areas. Our areas of expertise thus range from architecture, project development and real estate brokerage, as well as real estate-specific legal and tax advice, real estate valuation and financing, real estate marketing, PR and Facility Management, to construction engineering, business consulting and university teaching.

Knowledge gives an edge

Knowledge can move mountains – which is why the interdisciplinary exchange of information, knowledge and opinions is particularly important to us. The members of Salon Real meet five times a year to share and gain interesting new ideas in the course of constructive discussion rounds and specialist lectures on burning topics relating to the real estate industry, given by external professionals.

To deepen our knowledge of the global market and to further cultivate relationships, we regularly go on trips abroad and are represented at international trade fairs in order to convey the message of the successful woman in the real estate sector.

Executive Board

Our board works honorary and consists of 6 members.
The different fields of activity of the Executive Board represent and integrate a wide range of interests.

Dr. Ingrid Fitzek-Unterberger


Dr. Daniela Witt-Dörring MRICS

Deputy President

Dipl.-Ing. Nadja Pröwer


Dr. Gerhild Bensch-König

Deputy Treasurer

Mag. Karin-Schmidt-Mitscher

Member of the board

Irene Rief-Hauser MSc

Member of the board