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The Salon Real was founded in 2009 as a non-party association of and for women in managerial positions in the Austrian real estate industry.
The association sees itself as a platform for the industry-wide, interdisciplinary networking of club members with one another and promotes the exchange of expertise directly gained from practical experience.
As a pool of experienced, longstanding real estate experts, promoting the professional positioning of women in the real estate sector is of course also at the centre of our work.
Since its founding, the Salon Real has already grown to over 180 members. We are constantly endeavouring to make our work visible and to create room for our concerns.
The Salon Real thus also stands for the support of young women and has created a mentoring system that fulfils this aspiration.
The Salon Real is regarded as a valued member within the real estate sector and is the association for experts from a wide range of fields in the real estate industry.
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Salon Real
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